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Save from net works as youtube video downloader, youtube mp3 converter download, youtube audio downloader, youtube converter mp4 with tons of additional features to download videos from your favorite social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Dailymotion, etc. All your questions related to save from net site answered here…

Save from net

Are you looking for “save from net” (https://www.savefrom.net) website to download videos from your favorite social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube?

But, wondering why are you not able to find the link to the “Savefromnet” website, or “save from net” site is not working or you are not able to access the site? what happened to the “save from net” site?, Why it is not working in your location?

Here is your answer. Please read through the end to find the exact reason behind “savefrom net” site not working in your area, How to access the savefrom.net site [Access link at the bottom of the page], what are the “savefrom net” alternatives, Where you’ll get “save from net” helper, and rest all of your questions is getting answered here. Continue reading…

In case Save from net site is blocked in your country, here is the easy step by step method to access it even it is banned or blocked.

Introducing “save from net” site

https://www.savefrom.net, also known as Savefrom, “save from net”, “Savefromnet”, or “savefrom net”, is a popular website that provides users with an easy and convenient way to download videos from various video-sharing platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Vk.com, TikTok, Reddit, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and more.

Savefrom net allows not only videos in various formats and resolutions but it allows to extract audio mp3 files from a video too.


With a huge traffic of 197M +, “savefrom net” site was ranked 459th position globally with the majority of its traffic coming from Indonesia, India, Brazil, and Russia. Started in 2008, this site gained so much popularity because of its easier and lighter user interface.

In recent years, “Savefromnet” launched its own Chrome, Opera, and Firefox extension by the name “save from net helper”. You just need to install it in your browser and that’s all you need to do. Once Chrome extension gets installed, just play any video from any site of your choice.

Within a fraction of a second, a download button appears allowing you to download that video on your local device like Smartphone or computer.

Download YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram reels videos from “Save from” site

Since the launch of Tiktok, shorts videos became talk of the town. Nowadays, A huge amount of the overall Internet traffic is occupied by short videos in the forms of Instagram reels, Facebook reels (FB reels), or YouTube shorts. Save from enables any user to download any video from any platform.

For this, you just need to copy the shareable link of the video and paste it inside the box and hit the download button, and Yeah! Your video is ready to download.

Whether you want to save from FB, save from FB reel, save from reels, or want to save from Instagram reels, savefrom.net enables you to download in just a couple of clicks. Not only this, “Savefromnet” allows Insta story, or Instagram audio to get downloaded the same way.

“savefrom net” is not working? Here is your solution

Here comes the most important part. What happened to “save from net” website? Why is “save from net” not working? Why I can’t find savefrom.net link?

Why the hell “Savefromnet” is not working in your area! Well, here is your answer…

“savefrom net” allows you to download content from all the major sources around the web like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc. These platforms don’t like you to download content(videos) from their site. Because, Obviously, content is the only asset they have to run the entire ecosystem of the platform.

They don’t want it to be re-distributed otherwise they might have provided a download link right there. Right? Consequently, their policies don’t allow you to do such activities.

You might be interested in reading what YouTube says about downloading content from YouTube.

Additionally, downloading certain video/music may be a breach of intellectual property laws until and unless it is permitted by the publisher.

Because of copyright infringement and violation of other policies, Governments of some countries have blocked savefrom.net in their territory. India and USA are among such countries that banned “Savefromnet” in their region. that’s why you are not able to access this site.

If you are a US citizen, you might be seeing something like the below message…

Save from net banned in USA

For Indian users, the error message looks like this:

save from net blocked in India

So, “save from net” is banned in your country. Is it still possible for you to access this site? Is there any alternative to “Savefromnet”?

Well, Yes!

Continue reading further…

Here is the 3-Step Easy method to unblock save from net site in your country.

How to download and install “savefrom net” Chrome extension?

This section also answers to:

What is “savefrom net” helper extension?

How to install “savefrom net” opera extension or Addon?

How to install “savefrom net” for Firefox browser?

How to get Savefrom for PC? etc.

Extensions/Addons are a great way to extend the features of your browser. “savefrom net” helper is one of the extensions that provide you a download button to a video right there in the player window of your browser.

Whether you are using Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or Yandex browser, “Savefromnet” provides you with an extension to that browser.

To download and activate the extension, simply follow the instructions provided on “save from net” website. For the download link to the “savefrom net” helper extension, just visit the site and hover over the “Install” page using the method discussed below.

How to download “Save from net” Apk

For Android smartphone users, “save from net” provides an Android app (Apk) to download music and videos with ease. This app is available on the “GetApps” platform. Alternatively, you can download the save from net Apk file directly from their site and install it on your android Smartphone.

save from net apk

Is savefrom.net Legal?

Now, before accessing the savefrom.net site you might be thinking “Is Savefrom.net safe to visit?” “Is savefrom.net Legal to download videos from?”

“Savefromnet” is an all-in-one place to download music/videos from different platforms. You need to visit each platform’s Terms Of Services and Privacy Policy page to know their specific policies for downloading content from their website.

As stated above, downloading copyrighted content from any website is a violation of intellectual property rights, and may be liable for copyright infringement.

Is savefrom.net Safe?

Is savefrom.net safe? Can this site inject a virus into your device?

“Savefromnet” uses third-party advertising networks and sponsored links. That’s how they monetize their work which in turn covers the cost of operation.

These methods include multiple redirections to other sites, Showing popup ads, Downloading multiple unwanted files into your browser, unexpected visits to adult websites, etc. But, If you are familiar with these things, you can easily escape and keep your device unaffected.

Sometimes, these files include adware (A program to show you multiple unwanted ads) hidden at a secret location in your file directory.

Though, “savefrom net” website is labeled with the “Norton Safe Web” tag which means this site is safe to browse. Additionally, a rating of 4.8 (51,000 + votes) suggests it to be a safer site.

How to gain access to savefrom.net site? STEP-BY-STEP

Well, it’s pretty simple. As discussed above, whether you can’t access savefrom.net site , “savefrom net” is not working in your location, or you can’t find the link to savefrom.net, there is a strong possibility that this site might have been blocked by your Government.

To fix this, simply change your home country (location). Yes, I’m not kidding…

Oh! come on, you can’t change your home country actually but you can do it virtually, right?

How? Just by using a VPN service. Isn’t that simple?

A VPN service enables you(your browser) to access the internet as if you are browsing from another country. To access “savefrom net” website, You simply need to choose the country inside your VPN service where this site is not blocked.

And…Yeah! You are now able to access the “save from net” website.

Let me explain this STEP-BY-STEP…

Accessing savefrom.net site on your PC (Windows or MAC)

Step:1 – Visit App/Extension store of your favorite browser.

Chrome: Visit Here

Opera: Visit Here

Firefox: Visit Here

Step:2 – Search for your favorite VPN service. You can choose a paid one or there are plenty of free options available too. I’m using the VPNly Chrome extension for a long time. It’s free of cost and working fine till now.

VPNly Chrome Extension

Step:3 – Choose your country as Germany, France, or the Netherlands, and click “Connect”. Within a second, you are connected to the superfast VPN service.

Step:4 – Yeah! Now, you are able to access “save from net” site. Simply visit the site, paste the video link of your favorite website/Social media, and start downloading…

Note: Please hover over the Install page of “save from net” site to download “savefrom net” Chrome extension (“savefrom net” helper for chrome), Firefox extension, or Opera Addon and start downloading videos directly from the player window of your favorite social media site.


This way, you’ll be able to :

  • Save from net Instagram reels (Save from Instagram)
  • “Savefromnet” Insta story
  • Save from Facebook
  • Save from YouTube
  • Save from FB reel
  • Savefrom youtube mp3
  • Save from net TikTok
  • “Savefrom net” mp3
  • “Save from net” Pinterest
  • Instagram story saver net
  • “Savefromnet” VK.com
  • Save from Dailymotion
  • Save from Vimeo
  • Save from Soundcloud
  • “Save from net” Spotify

“save from net” Alternatives

Are you tirelessly looking at Reddit posts to find alternatives to “savefrom net”? Even after trying all the steps discussed above, are you still not able to use “savefrom net” site?

Worry not! Here is a list of the top 10 savefrom.net like sites available right now to download videos/music of your choice.

No.“savefrom net” alternativesAccess Link
1.SSYouTubeVisit Now
2.Y2MateVisit Now
3.10DownloaderVisit Now
4.Yt1sVisit Now
5.Y2MetaVisit Now
6.KeepvidVisit Now
7.Yt5s.comVisit Now
8Amoyshare.comVisit Now
9.Myconverters.comVisit Now
10.X2DownloadVisit Now

Apart from the above, there are any number of websites out there that are using Savefrom’s name with various domain extensions. “save from biz” is one of them. savefrom.app, savefrom.com, savefrom.link, are among them that are using the same name but a different domain extension.

Sites like “save from biz” are a little closer to “save from net” in terms of providing YouTube video download services. But none of them can replace the actual “save from net” site.


“Savefrom net” gained mass popularity within just a couple of years because of their easy-to-use error-free download services from literally all the platforms out there. But, because of some legal issues, this site got banned in some countries.

I tried to explain everything related to “Savefromnet” site to the best of my capabilities and provided you a way to gain access to “save from net” site.

But there is a strong possibility that I might have missed something. If this is the case, consider commenting or writing to me with your queries/complaints/suggestions. Alternatively, you can type your query in the comment box and I’ll answer it as soon as possible.

Best Regards



How to use “Savefrom net” in your PC?

It’s very simple, use a VPN service to unblock “savefrom net” site, visit the link https://www.savefrom.net and start using it.

How to get Savefrom App for ios?

Till now, no app is available for ios users. ios users can access “savefrom net” by visiting the site here

“Save from net” is from which country?

“Save from net” website is operated and maintained from Russia.

What are Save from net alternatives?

There are tons of sites like Save from net. A couple of them are Yt1s, X2download, Keepvid, etc.

Disclaimer: This site does not belong to or affiliated with “Savefromnet” in any way. This site is meant for information purposes only. We don’t promote downloading copyrighted content. Downloading such music/video may violate intellectual property rights and may be liable for copyright infringement. Visit our Contact page for any complaint/query/suggestion.

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